In order for us to help you find your beautiful home in the Keys, please fill out this questionnaire.  Not only will it be of value to us, it may prove invaluable to you as well.  We know that most of you will be searching for homes on the internet, so we’d like to help make it even easier for you.  Understanding what choices you have, as well as putting your preferences down on paper, will make the process more efficient, realistic, and fun.  It’s important to set parameters of not only what price range and what style of house, but where in the Keys you would prefer to live.  And although all the Keys have a laid-back lifestyle, each island/key has something different to offer.  If you are looking for a party town filled with tourists and night life, Key West might be for you.  Key Largo is more laid-back with lots of world-renowned snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking during the day, then cover bands playing each night at restaurants to enjoy the fresh local cuisine and sunsets yearlong.

The questions fall into three categories: Physical house, location, and lifestyle.  As for price range, the average sale price in the Keys is $620,000, and if you’re looking for a home on the water, your starting price will be around $700,000 and on up into the millions.  The good news is your investment is worth it.  Prices continue to stay strong as more people are desirous for a life to enjoy, while being able to work remotely; and if need be, Miami International airport is close by. 


The questions fall into three categories: physical house, location, and lifestyle.

First, what kind of house would you prefer?

1.  Number of bedrooms ______ 

2.  Number of bathrooms ______  

3.  Turnkey  _______ (already furnished) Enter ranking with 10 being most important and 1 not being important.

4.  Price range  ________ to _________

5.  Style  ______________________________________

6.  Type of Home

a.  Single-family

b.  Townhouse

c.  Condominium

7.  Desired amenities

a.  Boat lifts and/or davits  _______

b.  Swimming pool  ________

c.  Elevator  _____   (Since the primary living areas of most Keys homes are not on the ground level, access to the upper levels is either by stairs or an elevator or both.)

d.  Extensive landscaping  ______   (Some homes are surrounded by trees and plants, while others are surrounded by many square feet of small rocks.)

Next, what is your preferred location?  There are several elements to this:

1.  Distance from Miami.   Almost all residents of the Keys drive down from Miami, though a few who live in or near Key West fly in to its airport.   (It is 158 miles from Key West to Miami International, and the journey can take at least three and a half hours, but more often closer to four.)  To help you understand the location of each home, the Keys list each home in Mile Markers (MM).  MM0 is the beginning of the Overseas Highway in Key West and on up; thus, a home you may be interested in on MM 100.5 is in Key Largo.  In addition, the Overseas Highway, the only north-south highway of the Keys, is posted at 45 MPH, with a few stretches of 50 MPH.   Many choose the Upper Keys as they are so much more convenient to Miami, its airport, and the stores that the Keys lack.   (Also note that while Mariners Hospital in Tavernier and Fishermens Hospital in Marathon are excellent rural hospitals, they transport their most complex cases to their parent Baptist Hospital System in South Miami.   Also, the specialists are located there as well.   The drive from Key Largo to MIA is just over an hour, given normal traffic.

2.  Waterfront or not?  The Keys boast ample homes on the canals, which were dug in the 1960s.   Many other homes sit directly on the Atlantic or Florida Bay.   Lots of the waterfront homes have lifts or davits for boats.   It is much easier to just lower the boat or jetski from your dock than to go to a launch ramp.   If your budget is less than around $700,000 there are a huge number of landlocked homes.   Many of these neighborhoods have associations, which typically have a small gated park with a launch ramp, small pier, tiki huts, and picnic tables.   


Please reply to these questions related to location, ranking by 10 being most important and 1 not being important:

1.  Importance of waterfront location  _____   (If so, ocean or bay side, if there is a preference)

2.  Lot Size

a.  Single lot  ______

b.  Double lot  _____

c.  Larger  ______  (Note: few homes have as much as one acre, and those are mostly ocean or bayfront compounds).

3.  Importance of privacy  _______  

4.  Distance to Miami and its southern suburbs  ______  (This is a measure of how you rate the importance of closeness to Miami, its airport, its cultural offerings, its restaurants, and the stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, and Target which are not present in the Keys.   Also, the medical specialists and major hospitals are in Miami and its southern suburbs.   The Causeway, aka The Stretch, begins at Mile Marker 106, so indicate your preferences either by miles or a comment).

3. Lifestyle. Rather than ask a lot of questions, we hope you will write some notes that fill in the rest of the picture of your hopes and dreams for your new home and lifestyle.