In order for us to help you find your beautiful home in the Keys, we'd like to learn more about you and the home you're looking for. Not only will it be of value to us, it may prove invaluable to you as well.

To start, our questions fall into three categories: the house, the location, and your ideal lifestyle. As for price range, the average sale price in the Keys is $620,000, and if you’re looking for a home on the water, the starting price will be around $700,000 and up into the millions. The good news is your investment is worth it. Prices continue to stay strong as more people are looking to enjoy life, while being able to work remotely; and if need be, Miami International airport is close by. 

Please complete the following questionaire and we'll reach out with what we think may be your perfect home: 

Florida Keys Questionnaire

Our realtors can also help you find your new home or the perfect vacation spot in mainland Florida, anywhere from Miami up to Tallahasse. The options in Florida are extensive and we are here to help you find the neighborhood for you. Please complete our Mainland Florida Questionnaire to help us better understand what you're looking for, and we'll reach out with some amazing options on your journey to a new home!

Mainland Florida Questionnaire

We know that most of you will be searching for homes on the internet, so we’d like to help make it even easier for you. Understanding what choices you have, as well as putting your preferences down on paper, will make the process more efficient, realistic, and fun. It’s important to set parameters of not only what price range and what style of house, but where you would prefer to live. And each town, island, and key has something different to offer.